Cohesive On and Offline Advertising

We like to look at your business’s marketing campaign from all angles – this means using both traditional media (such as newspapers and print ads) alongside digital media (such as websites and social media) to build a cohesive campaign that reaps rewards from a variety of marketing methods.

Many people have grown up using directories and newspapers to source businesses, and despite the growth of the internet, lots of people still use them today. This is why, unlike many other marketing agencies, we don’t disregard traditional types of advertising and will build a cohesive campaign that combines the appropriate on and offline advertising media. We know that each business is different and requires a different approach, that’s why we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and goals to design a unique plan that is tailored to your business.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Management

Google Adwords has long dominated the pay-per-click marketplace, and for good reason – approximately 90% of online searches start on Google. We will be happy to develop PPC campaigns for clients to take advantage of the opportunities Adwords present

Facebook Ads are are extremely effective for targetting a specific audience. They are built to reach an audience with a certain criteria of likes and interests, which gives you as the advertiser an unrivalled ability to target the clients you want. For example, if you want to reach women, over 35, within 25 miles, who are interested in beauty, then we’ll create and advert and campaign to do so.

PPC – You only pay for what you get!

The key to a good pay-per-click campaign is making sure that it is aimed specifically at the customers you want in the areas you want them. The only people who will click on your advert are the ones who are interested in it, so we aim to get your campaign in the right place to be seen by the right audience.

Some of our Pay-Per-Click advertising is handled in-house, some are outsourced. In both circumstances there are no management or administration fees, you will not be asked to spend £X to get Y clicks. The amount you spend on your PPC advertising will be determined only by the clicks it generates. This approach means that the return on investment from your PPC advertising is very easy to establish.

When set up strategically, Pay – Per – Click advertising can be an efficient and cost effective method of driving traffic to your site. We have a wealth of experience in this area and aim to devise strategic campaigns which will get your adverts seen by the right audience.

SEO Devon

Directory Submissions

We will ensure that your website is listed on general online directories, as well as directories that are specialised to your industry in order to drive valuable traffic to your website.

Newspapers, Magazines and Directories

We have a great deal of experience of advertising through directories, newspapers and magazines and can offer a comprehensive account management service to ensure you get the best return possible from all avenues of your marketing campaign.

The Yellow Pages is still the market leader in the Directories market place and offers many different routes for getting your message to potential customers. BT directory  and Thomson Local can also provide solutions that can deliver some results for your business. Newspaper and Magazine advertising can  also deliver targetted results for your company. Adverts can be aimed towards particular market sectors to gain the desired results. We will provide an account management service for Newspaper and Magazine advertising as part of your overall account management service.

North Devon and Beyond

Wherever you’re based the internet allows you to compete in local, regional, national and even international marketplaces. We are lucky enough to be based in Bideford in the heart of North Devon and the majority of clients are based in Bideford, Barnstaple and Torrington, however we now have a growing number of clients throughout Devon, the South West and beyond. No matter where you’re based we can provide a solution that adequately matches your needs.

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