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Website Design for North Devon Cricket Club

Website Design for North Devon Cricket Club

Website Design for North Devon Cricket Club

North Devon Cricket Club came to Complete Marketing Solutions with a problem that we hear often –“My website doesn’t work properly on mobiles, how can I fix this?”. Upon closer inspection, it soon became apparent that lack of responsiveness (the function that allows websites to be used easily on different devices including mobile phones and tablets) wasn’t the only problem. With virtually no optimisation in place, no content management system available to NDCC to allow them to upload results and updates, and a navigation that wasn’t user-friendly, we soon decided that the most cost-effective way to fix their problems, was to start from scratch.

We designed and built a fully responsive WordPress website which features an easy to use content management system which allows NDCC to update their news and blog regularly and with ease.

Here is what Mark Ansell, Chairman, had to say about the results:

At North Devon Cricket Club we commissioned The Complete Marketing Solution to create a completely new website for us at the beginning of this season – we could not be happier with the work they have done.

Simon and his team quickly understood the brief and completed the first draft of the new site quicker than planned, responded quickly to the feedback on the first draft so that the finished article was up and live in an incredibly short period of time.

We could not recommend them more highly.

Mark Ansell


Before and After


NDCC before













NDCC after

Wordpress websites - the importance of updates

The Importance of Updating your WordPress Version, Themes and Plugins

WordPress Websites Bideford, North DevonWordPress is a popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) for building impressive, easy to manage, modern websites. You may have noticed that when you log into your WordPress dashboard, it tells you which WordPress software version you are running and whether or not you are able to update it. You’ll also notice that sometimes a refresh icon is displayed in your header menu that alerts you to how many updates are available for the plugins and themes that you have installed on your WordPress website. But are updates to WordPress, themes, and plugins important, do you really need to do them, and are they free?

Three Main Updates

Your WordPress website has 3 main parts that will require updating. These are:

  • The WordPress application itself
  • Your Plugins
  • Your Theme

It is important to keep all of these things up to date to prevent security threats and incompatibility issues – we will discuss these issues in full, below. Before you update, though, remember to back-up your current website and all of its data, just in case the update gets interrupted, or something goes wrong during the update process.

Security and Bug Fixes

In order to protect your website from the latest security threats and bugs, you need to make sure that you are continually updating WordPress as new versions are released. The current version of WordPress (as of 12/04/15) is version 4.1.1 – so if your website isn’t running this version, you’ll want to backup and update as soon as possible.

Plugins can also be susceptible to hacker attacks if you are not running the latest version. Plugin updates will contain security fixes to protect your website from malicious hackers and bugs.

Compatibility Issues

If you are not running the latest versions of plugins, software and themes, then these different components can run into conflict with each other and result in plugins and features not functioning properly.

When installing new plugins, it is worth checking that the current version of the plugin has been tested with the version of WordPress you are running. For example, if you install an old plugin that was developed a while ago for an older version of WordPress, it may not work properly with newer versions – always check the release date and update information when installing new plugins to make sure they will be compatible with your theme and WordPress version.

New Features

Major updates to the WordPress application will contain new and enhanced features which can improve the user interface (UI), and help you to design, build and manage your website more easily. Recent updates in version 4.1 include

  • Inline image editing –Users are now able to click on an image and instantly see alignment options, along with a button to remove alignment. This makes the alignment process much quicker than having to go into the full image editor mode (still accessible using the pencil icon)
  • A refined ‘distraction free writing mode’ function – enables users to more easily switch back-and-forth between normal writing mode and the distraction free editor.
  • Install language packs from admin area – This is a development to the new languages feature that was released with version 4.0. In the latest version, users can select and install language packs from the dropdown menu in the general settings area.
  • Improvements for developers – WordPress has released a few new features for developers to get their teeth in to, including:
    • A Customizer API which aims to build a complete JavaScript API for customizer.
    • Queries have been rewritten to improve meta, date, comment, and taxonomy queries.
    • Theme title tags allow WordPress theme developers to define a specific title for a website without it conflicting with standard the WordPress title tags.

Here at Complete Marketing Solutions, we build and manage WordPress websites for clients in North Devon and across the UK. We always aim to ensure that all sites managed by ourselves will be continually updated to run the latest versions of WordPress software, themes and plugins.

s and g carpets torrington website optimised by complete marketing solutions in North Devon

S&G Carpets –Website Optimisation and Redesign

S&G Carpets have had their website for a while now, but unfortunately it was failing to generate the traffic that they hoped for in order to build business.

We were able to offer our professional SEO and website design skills to redesign, re-write and fully optimise the page content and site information, in order to help S&G Carpets’website to perform get found on Google by new and existing customers. We also reordered the menu navigation to aid user-flow through the site and make information easier to find.


s&g caroets torrington website


s and g carpets torrington website

Virginias Vintage hire website built by complete marketing solutions web design

A Technically Testing Job from Longest Serving Customer – Virginia’s Vintage Hire.

Ginny and Greg at Virginia’s Vintage Hire are our longest serving customers. We’ve been with them from the very beginning and have been proud to be part of the growing success of the business.

Virginias Vintage Newest
After seeing the benefit what we’d already achieved, Ginny and Greg wanted to take their online marketing to the next step by upgrading and customising their website with new branding and a strong new visual identity. The job was a big one but we stepped up to the challenge. Working with their branding designer, we have given their website undergo a complete overhaul, with a new customised design, an extended product range as well as new navigational assets and user elements.

With the ever growing success of the original business, Greg and Ginny have decided to expand with Virginia’s Vintage Hire Scotland! Again, we’ve worked closely with them to build a new website for this company and manage their marketing efforts and it’s looking like the Scotland branch is going to be just as successful as the core business!

Get my business on Google North Devon

A New Look for a New Season –The Ultimate Adventure Centre Undergoes Rebranding


Whilst The Ultimate Adventure Centre may shut its doors for activities during the winter, the workload behind the scenes is busier than ever! The winter of 2013 has seen us undertake an exciting 3 stage rebranding project with one of Devon’s top tourist attractions to give it a new face for 2014.

Stage 1 – Complete Marketing Solutions teamed up with Florian Zumfelde Design Studio to create new logo and brand identity. When you’re competing for tourism business in North Devon –one of the UK’s top tourist destinations –getting the branding right to catch the eye of visitors is key to making a lasting impression, therefore we had to get this right! Once the artwork and visual assets for the rebranding were finalised, we redesigned the website to give its new look for 2014!

Stage 2: Whilst updating the image of the website, we made some site changes in order to increase engagement, aid customer flow and to grow online sales. Changes included adding new navigational sliders, new galleries and restructuring the page hierarchy. We also added a new Live Chat system (Snap Engage) alongside a Booking Bug booking system – a combination that is already working absolute wonders to aid visitor engagement and increase sales!

Stage 3: The final stage has involved redesigning the company’s leaflets, sign design and other printed marketing materials. Again we have worked with Florian on this stage to ensure a sleek and professional look.


uac before


uac after


Devon Carriages Horse and Carriage Hire

Customer Testimonial from Devon Carriages

“Complete Marketing Solutions is great! Simon and Sophie are very easy people to get along with and you can talk to them as a human beings, rather than being bombarded with complex jargon. They will always explain anything that I don’t understand in a way that is clear and described in plain English –I often get a bit puzzled with web-language! They are great people to work with.”

–Katrina, Devon Carriages


devon carriages before


devon carriages website

Steve Nuth OLD website - new SEO and website redesign services by Complete Marketing Solutions, North Devon

Replacing Flash Site for Better SEO


Steve Nuth before

Like many small business owners looking for a quick and simple website, local photographer Steve Nuth, who creates stunning portraits from his studio in Barnstaple, had fallen victim to what we call the ‘Flash trap’and created a flash-based website that, although looked good and did fancy things with images, performed poorly and couldn’t be viewed on devices without Flash installed.

Tired of his website troubles, Steve was looking for a company who could build a website that looked great (very important for a photographer!) but also performed well on Google for his keyword searches.

Because it can allow for attractive media content and can be created by those with little web training, flash websites are popular with small business owners who want to build their own websites. Although these sites can be made to look good with not too much effort, flash websites in general perform poorly on Google searches and are not compatible on all computers and mobile devices as they require a plugin to run.

Here at Complete Marketing Solutions, we have the design expertise and SEO knowledge and experience to meet Steve’s needs. We completely rebuilt his site to eliminate the issues that his flash website was causing him and created a new site for him that was visually attractive (including interactive images sliders, galleries and in-page images) but also optimised the content in order for Google to find his site easily.

Click here to see the final result.

m wright new website by Complete Marketing Solutions, North Devon

Website Rebuild for an Electrician


m wright before

m wright after

M.Wright Electrical, based in Scunthorpe, are long-standing clients of ours here at Complete Marketing Solutions. The initial brief was to rebuild the business’s website to take it from being simple, unappealing and poorly optimised, to well designed, user friendly and optimised for the search engines. We continue to work with M.Wright Electrical to maintain the site and to make sure that it  performs well on targeted Google searches, using our specialist SEO  knowledge and expertise

rural stonework SEO and website redesign services by Complete Marketing Solutions, North Devon

Site Optimisation for Stonework &Landscaping Contractor


rural stonework after

We were able to work with Rural Stonework’s existing website to optimise their content so that they could be found for their targeted Google searches. Since working on their site, Rural Stonework have seen a surge in page visits, enquiries and new clients. Based in Barnstaple, Rural stonework offer professional stonework and landscaping services across North Devon and beyond –they’ve even worked on winning projects at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

Devon carriages - new website and search engine optimisation by Complete Marketing Solutions, Bideford, North Devon

Devon Carriages site Rebuild


devon carriages before

devon carriages after

Complete Marketing Solutions have completely rebuilt the website of local business, Devon Carriages. Their previous site was a basic template site that was poorly optimised and left much to be desired on the design front! DC were keen to give their online marketing a complete overhaul and so put their trust in us to to deliver.

We built a brand new website, carried out onsite and off site optimisation and created social media channels for them to engage with their customers. Not only has their new website seen enquiries increase, they have also seen the light of the power of social media marketing for bringing new customers ‘on board’!