Testimonial from Sam’s Hair Design

sams hair design website design by complete marketing solutions north devon

“I used Sophie Bosworth to design my logo and website and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. She listened to my ideas and pretty much came up with the design straight away. I had full input of any ideas and was included in the whole build of website as she went along. I would highly recommend her. It’s comforting … Read More

Logo Design and Website Build for Berkshire Based Hairdresser, Sam Munden

sams hair design website design

Sam Munden came to Complete Marketing Solutions via a recommendation from a previous client who been impressed with our services and was kind enough to refer us to Berkshire based hairdresser, Sam Munden, who was looking for a new website for her business”Sam’s Hair Design”. The first stage involved designing a logo for Sam’s Hair Design. The brief was to create a … Read More

Customer Testimonial from Liz Willis at The Springboard Consultancy

The Springboard Consultancy - Website design and optimisation by North Devon based marketing specialists

“When our website and overall web presence needed improving, we asked around and Complete marketing Solutions was recommended highly to us. They gave us a straightforward appraisal of our site, blog and social media performance and outlined a manageable way forward. We agreed an initial three month program that included improving the overall look and feel of the website, changing our blog … Read More

Customer Testimonial from Devon Carriages

Devon Carriages Horse and Carriage Hire

“Complete Marketing Solutions is great! Simon and Sophie are very easy people to get along with and you can talk to them as a human beings, rather than being bombarded with complex jargon. They will always explain anything that I don’t understand in a way that is clear and described in plain English – I often get a bit puzzled … Read More

What’s in a few percent?

How do I get my website on Google? seo and website services by Complete Marketing Solutions, North Devon

It may not be a lot, but when key word page rank  is concerned, a few percent can make a lot of difference to visitor numbers and website enquiries for our clients. We currently manage a total of 1444 key words (long and short tail), and have achieved page one on Google for over 800 of them, that’s 55.6% – an … Read More

Website Optimisation for South Devon Florist

laura hingston flowers new website and search engine optimisationby Complete Marketing Solutions, Bideford, North Devon

    South Devon Florist, Laura Hingston, was referred to us by another client of ours – Ginny from Virginia’s Vintage Hire. After working with us for several years, Ginny felt confident in recommending our services to Laura who was looking to widen the reach of her website and optimise her site so that she could be found on Google. … Read More

Replacing Flash Site for Better SEO

Steve Nuth OLD website - new SEO and website redesign services by Complete Marketing Solutions, North Devon

  Like many small business owners looking for a quick and simple website, local photographer Steve Nuth, who creates stunning portraits from his studio in Barnstaple, had fallen victim to what we call the ‘Flash trap’ and created a flash-based website that, although looked good and did fancy things with images, performed poorly and couldn’t be viewed on devices without Flash … Read More