Professionally Designed WordPress Websites

For you the most important thing about your your website may be how it looks, for us it’s about much more than that. We know how your website looks is important obviously, however we are also interested in how it works technically and how it ranks on the major search engines. That is one of the main reasons we use WordPress. WordPress is platform that has many themes which provide the foundation of how a website looks, but it also has a whole range of plugins that enhance how the website functions. In addition to this that are lots of developers all over the world who are constantly enhancing how the platforms works technically, but also how websites rank on Google and the other major search engines.

What is a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a well-established online website creation tool – it allows designers to create and develop impressive, search engine friendly websites without having to use lengthy or complicated code. WordPress has a simple and user-friendly content management system (CMS) to allow designers and their clients to easily manage and edit the website.

Experienced WordPress Developers Based in Bideford, North Devon

A lot of the wordpress sites that we have built use commercially availble templates that we have ‘out of the box’ or have customised to match the clients needs. We have now furthered the services we offer to include full theme design and plugin development. If current them or element can’t be adequately customised to your needs then we’ll creat something for you from scratch that exactly matches your needs.

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A few of our WordPress Websites

Here are a few examples of websites that we have built using WordPress. Some of our clients are now editing the websites themselves, and others choose to retain our help to help keep on top of their website management. For more examples of our websites, as well as our other work, please click here.

Providing Marketing Services for North Devon and Beyond

Complete Marketing Solutions is a small marketing agency based in Bideford, North Devon. We have clients in Barnstaple, Plymouth, throughout Devon, the South West and across the whole country. To discuss how we may be able to help you design the perfect website for your business contact us today.

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