Adventure Camping at the Ultimate Adventure Centre – A New Look for a new Season

adventure camping - camp site and lodges in north devon. Website by complete marketing solutions

In 2013, The Ultimate Adventure Centre launched a new campsite in Bideford – Adventure Camping. The campsite was a huge hit with visitors who were able to choose from 3 camping options – traditional, tepee and wooden lodges. On the back of this success, we were keen to push things further and expand to help grow the business. Over the winter, extensive work has gone on at the Ultimate Adventure Centre to add new accommodation lodges (Atlantic Lodges), shower blocks and a café.
These physical updates have been mirrored on our side with changes to the website and marketing efforts. Complete Marketing Solutions have been working on the Adventure Camping Website to update it with new content and give it a fresh new feel with a modern and more interactive theme.
To aid customer engagement and increase online sales, we have added an easy to use booking system to make it quick and simple for customers to book online at any time. We also added a Snap Engage live chat feature so that website visitors can ask questions live on site. This combination of live chat and an online booking system is working effectively to increase engagement and drive online and offline sales.


adventure camping after


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