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So you need a new website design, you’re in the right place. Our aim is to design and build engaging and functional websites that match your business aims, your budget, your market place and the needs of your customers.

Searching for a new website can be a daunting task, website designers have many different things to offer such as the platform they use, the designs they can produce, their approach, the price… it can all be quite confusing. Our approach is to keep things as simple as possible, talking your language and avoiding ‘techie’ speak where we can.

It’s important to you that you have a website that accurately reflects your business, engages with your customers and ultimately gives you the leads and sales that you require. We concentrate on reducing your stress by delivering the affordable website you want, so you can concentrate on running your business.

We are a small marketing agency based in Bideford, North Devon. We have web design clients in Barnstaple, Torrington, Ilfracombe and throughout Devon, the South West and across the whole country. To discuss how we may be able to help you design the perfect website for your business contact us today.


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responsive websites

More and more internet usage is moving from desktops and laptops to mobiles and tablets and this trend is only likely to continue. So having a responsive website that automatically resizes the content no matter what device your users are using is no a longer an option, it's a must!

All of the websites we create are responsive, so whether your users are on their mobiles, on a tablet or sat in front of their laptop we will make sure your content is accessible to them. This may mean designing different versions for different devices or creating specific elements for different devices.

The main purpose of having a mobile website is to give your users the best possible experience when they are on your site. However another important reason for having a responsive website is that it will perform better in the search results as Google moves towards a mobile first index.

we're not gardeners, but we like to dig

If we're going to build a website that meets your business aims then we need to do some research. We need to understand what your business goals are, who your customers are, what they want, who is your competition and the area you operate in. It is only by doing this digging that we can get a complete picture which will allow us to create the website that will be most profitable for your business.

Every business and market place is different, it would be easy to assume that every builder just build new houses, but the reality is that most don't build new houses; they build walls, they convert garages and they convert lofts! We have a large amount of experience of different industries which helps when understanding your business. Whether you're a gardener, a florist in Bideford, a restaurant in Barnstaple or sell teddy bears online from your rural North Devon base, then we can create the perfect website for you.

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brochure sites through to e-commerce

Building a website is actually fairly straight forwards, you've probably seen the adverts on TV telling you that you can build your own in 'just a few clicks'. However, creating something that is unique, engaging and appropriately represents your business is a lot more complicated.

We work with a broad range of clients with very different needs and budgets. The price tag of a website will not determine how effective is, the engagement created by the design and getting the site in front of your target customers will have much more effect.

The websites we create and built with the user experience considered first and foremost. If you have want an e-commerce site you want users to find your products easily, find the checkout process painless and generally enjoy the buying experience. These customers are then much more likely to buy again or refer your site or product. If you're a tradesman you need users to find the service they require as quickly and easily as possible.

Website Designers Bideford

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Website Design North Devon
Website Design North Devon
Website Design North Devon
Website Design North Devon
Website Design North Devon

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Wordpress Website Designers North Devon

under the bonnet

Apologies if you're not a car fan, but we're going to keep the car analogy going. We use Wordpress to build our new websites, it's a platform that is now estimated to power nearly 30% of all websites across the world. Going back to the car, Wordpress is the chassis.

We then have a massive range of themes to choose from, or more likely we will be build a specific theme for you. The theme will give you the look and feel of the website, think of this as the car body. The final component is the plugins, there are literally thousands to choose from, all doing different things, such as powering your shopping cart, or displaying your Facebook feed. Back to our car, these would be the radio or the supercharger!

A key component of Wordpress is the Content Management System (CMS) which is operating behind the scenes. This allows for content to be easily added, changed or removed. Most of our clients have us do that for them, but it is something you can do yourself with a fairly basic level of IT knowledge.


Simon built my sport therapy website and I’m really pleased with it. I get loads of referrals through it, and he’s made it easy for people to review me. When I’ve wanted to add or change info he’s sorted it quickly. Thoroughly recommended by me! - Abi,
CMS have recently created a really impressive website for me that has transformed my business. It is highly functional, clean and professional. As well as offering an excellent service and a brilliant website Simon also shared a lot of information and ideas about market trends and how to use a range of different strategies to increase on-line sales. - Lee,

website services and add ons

Our web design and development service are extremely comprehensive. Below is listed all of the services that we offer, some are included as standard without our websites, where as others are optional. What we will provide your business depends on what your business requires.

  • website design and build

    We'll design and built a fully responsive wordpress website that looks attractive, functions effectively and provides a great user experience. A website that you'll be proud of and will help you to grow your online presence.

  • e-commerce / online shops

    Over 50% of the UK population now shop online. We can help all types of business exploit this opportunity, whether you are selling direct to the public or targeting other businesses. We will fully integrate the shop with your desired payment processor.

  • social media integration

    Like it or not you cannot ignore social media, you need to make sure that your users can share your content on their social media channels. We will integrate your feeds into your site which will encourage your customers to connect.

  • search engine optimisation (seo)

    We are exerts in ensuring that your website’s content is optimised effectively in order to get towards the top of relevant searches and increase your exposure. When we launch a site we make sure that it is fully optimised.

  • content management system (cms)

    Wordpress websites come with a content management system (cms) as standard. It's extremely easy to use with even a basic IT knowledge. We can guide and train you where necessary to understand how to add, edit or delete content.

  • custom development

    Most of the websites we design and build include some customisation so they meet the designs and user experience you want. We can go much further than this to develop custom features or whole websites.

  • domain names

    If you've not already got a domain name we can advise you on the best one for you and help you buy it. SSL certificates are becoming another important factor, we can also sort these out for you.

  • logo design

    Are you a start-up needing a logo and brand guide lines or an existing company with a logo that needs refreshing? We can help you create a logo that matches your business and can be used on company stationary and vehicles.

  • website and email hosting

    Your website and email can be hosted by us. We don't use shared hosting, your site will be hosted on our secure server. We create daily back-ups of your site for added piece of mind. We can create e-mail accounts for your business.

  • copy writing

    Whether we're creating a website from scratch or building a replacement site we always do some copy writing. Content is king and to optimise your site we need ensure that the content engaging and is search engine friendly.)

  • online reputation management

    It's not enough just to create a website without trying to develop a comprehensive online profile for your business. We can create and manage all of your listings across the internet including things such as Google Places.

  • ppc advertising

    More and more businesses are using Google AdWords and other Pay-Per-Click (ppc) advertising platforms. We are now Google Certified and are experienced in getting businesses in front of their customers using ppc.

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clients in bideford, barnstaple and across north devon

One of the first things that many of our new clients say to us is that they wanted to deal with a web developer who is local to them, not an agency who's hundreds of miles away. We're based in North Devon but have already got clients across Devon as well as many more who are further afield. Whether you're based in Bideford, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe or Torrington then we can provide the solution you need.

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