Rupert from Cadhay initially approached us to optimise his existing site. He had become extremely frustrated with his existing provided as they had recently rebuilt his site, but it had taken much longer than planned and the site had virtually disappeared from relevant searches. We did an in depth analysis of the site and highlighted quite a few problems including lack of on and off site optimisation, poor mobile responsiveness and very slow page load times.

We initially focussed on optimising the existing site to improve their visibility in relevant searches. At the same time we significantly increased the page load times and fixed some of the responsiveness issues. Over time it became clear that these fixes had improved things, but there was still room for improvement, so we proposed rebuilding the site. We worked alongside Mike Arscott Marketing who had been engaged to provide additional marketing services, including brochure redesign. The new site has a much more contemporary look and feel and is performing much better in relevant searches.

The services we provided were;

  • website design and build
  • on line reputation management
  • website hosting
  • search engine optimisation